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Rancho Cucamonga Plumbing Supply offers a wide selection of plumbing and electrical supplies. The tools and accessories available are suitable for both the professional plumbers and electricians and for those who choose to do-it-yourself.  This blog will cover and expound on the types of equipment and tools, and their use, which is especially helpful to those who decide to DIY the plumbing and electricity work in their homes.


Plumbing Supplies

set of wrenches

It is advisable to have a kit at home with the basic tools like hammer, pliers, knives, and screwdrivers. These are generic tools you can use around the home in assembling your furniture, hanging pictures and paintings, or changing your smoke detector batteries. However, there are specific items that you might find helpful when you are doing general plumbing work, like claw and sledge hammers, vice grip pliers, needle nose pliers, and a set of wrenches. Chisels, files, and saws may also be helpful. There are certain devices though that are needed to particular plumbing jobs, such as pipes, plumbing torches, and water pressure gauges. The tools you will need will, of course, depend on what plumbing project you intend to do.


Electrical Supplies

soldering iron tool

Just like with your plumbing needs, having a handy tool kit of your basic electrical supply is a must for every home. Generic tools, such as pliers and screwdrivers, can be used for some of your basic electrical projects. Wires, switches, electric cords, and plugs, can be bought at any of your electrical equipment providers. They can be helpful when doing some electric repairs in your home. Safety gears like goggles and gloves might be necessary for major tasks. Most major electrical repairs that need fixing are complicated and unsafe. Hence it is always best that you contact a professional electrician for those projects.

If you’re in need of  an electrician don’t hesitate to contact us, we are trusted by many local RC companies for their electrical and plumbing needs.

Client testimonial (www.bailbondsranchocucamonga.net/our-services)

Guys at RCPS very helpful and friendly! They were able to repair the outlets quickly, and gave us great tips to prevent overheating. Highly recommended!

February 2019